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Taken as whole, OptigoApps helps you run your business better by delivering relevant
management data clearly, accurately, and soon enough to allow effective action.

A new framework for

Next-generation business software should do more¬†than answer your questions. It should bring you¬†answers to questions you didn’t think to ask, but should¬†have. It should be able to show you relevant data at the¬†point of action to help you prepare for tomorrow‚Äôs¬†decisions and opportunities. You need business¬†information systems whose very structure leads to¬†complete, timely information, presented when you¬†need it, the way you need to see it.

Take a new approach to
getting better results faster

Get better results faster with OptigoApps, an independent information framework technology that’s designed to clarify, simplify, and accelerate the entire process of analysis and reporting, drawing on four  main elements:

OptigoApps Business Vault

The key to the¬†OptigoApps¬†information architecture, this innovative solution¬†monitors your transactional systems, then organizes¬†and stores information from those systems in a¬†common repository. All systems connected through¬†ION‚ÄĒincluding specialized packages for reporting,¬†analytics, and consolidation‚ÄĒcan access the¬†information. With ION Business Vault, you don‚Äôt¬†have to wait overnight for reports on key¬†performance indicators or critical variances‚ÄĒyou¬†can see what‚Äôs happening in your business while it‚Äôs¬†happening and take action soon enough to make a¬†difference. Also, you can upgrade any software¬†solution without having to rewrite the reports you¬†use for decision-making, because the Business¬†Vault is independent of the systems from which it¬†draws data.

Optigo Reporting

This specialized solution simplifies¬†the task of reporting by incorporating an extensive¬†collection of pre-built reports that you can use right¬†out of the box. Streamlined report-building features¬†make it easy for you to create ad-hoc, custom¬†reports without any need for assistance from IT.¬†Your decisions aren’t limited to the data from any¬†single system or data source, because¬†Optigo reporting‚Äôs centralized library of reports can span¬†multiple applications.

OptigoApps BI

A fully integrated, state-of-the-art¬†business intelligence suite, OptigoApps¬†BI leverages¬†an in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP)¬†database that can connect to almost any type of¬†data source. You get flexible ways to analyze, plan,¬†and report data throughout your organization,because Business Intelligence applies¬†multidimensional data analysis to financial and operational data. The solution also delivers¬†in-context business intelligence that’s built into theuser interface and is at the point of decision for¬†users across the enterprise

OptigoApps Business Analytics

With a powerful assortment of role-based reports and industry-specific business analytics, this solution helps you keep focused on the information that makes the biggest difference to the exact work you do in your organization and industry.

360¬į Customer View

Taken as a whole, OptigoApps Intelligence helps you run your business better
by delivering relevant management data clearly, accurately, and soon enough to allow effective action.

Gain insight from information

By giving you improved tools for the reporting and analysis of your enterprise data, OptigoApps Intelligence provides you with several powerful advantages:

Enterprise-wide availability

The OptigoApps network creates a seamless fabric that connects all of your enterprise applications and allows those systems to operate as a cohesive whole.

Real-time performance analytics

You’ll gain an unprecedented level of timeliness and detail so that you can monitor the processes that make the difference between success and failure. Monitor trends such as key customer information, product issues, operational metrics, and any indicators that help you improve performance and prevent problems.

Reduced complexity

In the past, the task of report building belonged to specialists, as most enterprise-level reports draw on an obscure collection of database tables from a variety of systems. Infor ION Reporting simplifies the choices you have to make to build a report that yields the data you need.


When many different systems and people create reports, you often get inconsistent use of data,
yielding multiple conflicting reports with uncertain validity. OptigoApps Intelligence helps you ensure that the reports you create give you consistent, valid,useful results.


Enterprise reporting is typically an overnight process, at best, because the necessary source data has to be extracted from transactional systems, then assembled and analyzed. OptigoApps Intelligence gathers the relevant data in near-real time through the Business Vault, which allows you to create reports within hours or even minutes of the transactions you want to analyze.

Turn data into action

Taken as a whole, OptigoApps Intelligence helps you run your business better by delivering relevant management data clearly, accurately, and soon enough to allow effective action. And since OptigoApps can create rich data connections between many different types of data systems, OptigoApps Intelligence can help you see issues affecting different parts of your business that you might not otherwise recognize. As a result, you’ll be prepared to head off unexpected problems and take advantage ofnew opportunities as they arise.

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