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Jewellery Manufacturing Factory

The best Apps for your production work is the one that comes to you in real-time. OptigoApps is faster and more efficient than other software, so Production team are more responsive and your Jobs get done faster than ever. Built-in production process features are most easy and productive for anyone. It works with Cloud to let you work seamlessly across all your channels like sales, crm, operations and finance. And it gives you great ways to find and share your work in team environment. Put it all together, and no other Apps offers such integrated experience.

Grow your company into a customer-focused organization.

Order Management

  • Design selection **
  • Order tracking system
  • ETA – updates alerts
  • Diamond requirement
  • Gold/Metal requirement

Production operation

  • Engage metrical
  • Casting process
  • Production process
  • Dust recovery
  • Barcode technology

Billing and Finance

  • Billing Integration
  • Account Integration
  • CRM integration
  • Customer Portal
  • more Mobile fetures

More controls

  • Job Work Contractor
  • Customer Inventory
  • Ecommerce Orders
  • Mobile Orders
  • Requirement

300% ROI on diamond Inventory

Design recommendation

  • design selection by Row material on hand
  • search with using collection and categories
  • diamond quality parameter as one choice
  • suggest all possible designs online
  • customer friendly- just do it on web

Online Design Selection

  • design selection by Row material on hand
  • search with using collection and categories
  • diamond quality parameter as one choice
  • suggest all possible designs online
  • customer friendly- just do it on web

Up to last carat diamonds

  • more detailed usability
  • more liquidity in supply chain
  • efficient use design library
  • Orders up to using last carat diamonds

Scalable solution for your growing business

  • Uses Cloud platform, making it scalable to as many as user needed, and at the same time handling large transactions in speedy way

Optimize Inventory Control

  • The memo inventory is tracked separately then the in-hand stock
  • Valuation can be on the fixed price or on the weighted average basis
  • Physical inventory system handles entry and adjustment of the physical stock

TAG print & Barcode

  • TAG pring with image/log and informative
  • Barcode enable tags can be more faster billing processing

Craftsman Display-Terminal

Floor communications solution designed to facilitate centralized information-system. Follow priorities and things to-do in particular job

Comprehensive Functionality

  • A fully integrated complete ERP suite comprising of financial, distribution, production, purchasing, sales order, memo, return, and repair modules
  • All modules work together to streamline business processes, maximize efficiency and ensure accurate and complete decision-driving information

Smart WIP

Smart WIP tool for smart decisions who wants to make best planning for rush jobs and inventory pipeline. WIP view by week/month and customers and progress (department) can make you enable to make smart decisions quickly

Bar code Enabled Job Bags

  • A Complete bar code enable tracking of work-bags across production stages, than proactively avoid delays, ensure quality and plan for contingencies
  • Work-bag, Style tag and inventory is bar-coded to enable easy entry at every production stage

360° Customer View

Delight your customers with awesome Customer service.
Take customer service to new heights with the OptigoApps features.

Flexible Multi-channels orders

Customer can place order by using multi channels like walk-in-store/ via email / phone-call / online catalog (e-commerce) /mobile store /Exhibition– Trade-show / on sales rep. Travelling all your jobs flow in steam at OptigoApps. Customer can see in online job tracking.

Generate Sales in Seconds

It’s a quick and easy way to increase your sales. Show specific products to customer and get customer’s choice feedbacks in real time even when working at remote location. Reply them your quotes or book sales order for them swiftly.
How it works? See in demo.

Priority Order & ETA Forecast

Priority and ETA is very important to each customer. OptigoApps helps your in production planing and update customers for best ETA( Estimate Time of Arrival) . And other production stage clearance (instruction /customer RM availability etc…) .

More PoS–Point of Sales

Add more sales location like showroom/ special order sales branch / franchise. Your customer have more nearby local interaction with your business and result in to more sales.

Customer’s Inventory

Quickly answer customer queries. Easily manage Customer inventories (Receives-Returns Diamond and Gold etc…) and repairs service.
Customers Price Policy Manage each customer’s prices policy with fewer efforts and make transparency in business with error less billing process.

Orders from Online Catalog

Get it direct into your sales order list without extra efforts to handle multiple channels like Mobile(iPhone/iPad/android ) or standard ecommerce website.

E-Catalogue in SMS

SMS is one of most handy service and available to all. Today we can drive More Business from smart mobile phone which is widely available. OptigoApps is ready for easy and feature reach in customer services will make most convenient business tool. Customer receive SMS to make choice for 1000s of designs.

Take business along with you

Give your workforce the freedom and power to work from anywhere. No matter where you are, or what device you’re on, your business will stay productive!

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